What You Should Know About Electronic Recycling

It seems like the minute you purchase a computer, cell phone or other electronic devices, it is already out of date. Due to the rapid advancements in technology, electronic waste has become a problem. Fortunately, services exist that recycle these components and devices so that they aren’t filling up landfills. This is what you should know about electronic recyling.

Why You Should Recycle E-Waste

More than 70% of today’s waste is electronic or e-waste. Not only do these devices add to landfills, but they have toxic materials that can poison the groundwater and soil. However, you can recycle your obsolete devices. In fact, up to 90% of the device can be recycled and reused in other products.

About Electronic Recyling

E-waste recycling is more involved and complex than simple paper or plastic recycling. These devices have to de disassembled so that their parts can be individually recycled. Even something like a motherboard is broken down into its individual parts and metals so that they can be individually recycled. Don’t try to dismantle these parts yourself, however, because many are toxic. For example, many electronics contain mercury, and if it is handled or disposed of improperly, it can poison you, the water, animals and the soil.

Where You Should Take Your E-Waste

It seems like recycling companies are popping up everywhere, and if you search online for an electronic recycling center, you may find several in your area. So, how do you choose the right facility? First, ask about their certifications. They should have an ISO certification from a local regulator. They should also comply with strict environmental regulations. Search for complaints or compliance citations on each company. Choose the company with the best reputation and no outstanding compliance issues.

You can be a responsible consumer by participating in recycling programs. However, your local recyling program with the city may not collect electronics. Therefore, make the effort to find a reputable electronic recycling company and prevent toxic pollution in the landfills and groundwater.