What Type of Services Do Demolition Contractors Offer?


The word demolition probably makes you think of wrecking balls smashing through old brick buildings like in the movies. The truth is that demolition isn’t limited to commercial buildings; many homeowners use demolition contractors, too. What kind of services can you expect from a professional?

Total Home Demolition

It’s important to work with an expert demolition contractor if you need to completely level your home. Demolition companies have both the experience and the equipment to safely break down each area of the structure while leaving the property intact for new home construction.

When would someone need to have their beloved home destroyed? Well, if fire, flood or mold caused irreparable damage to the underlying structure, demolition may be the only option. By starting anew, you can get a home you love, and a home that’s safe for your family.

Interior Gutting

What if you purchased an older home that doesn’t look very attractive but has an excellent structure and location? This is when interior gutting is an excellent option. Demolition contractors have experience tearing out interior walls, flooring materials, ceilings, fixtures and other items you want gone. At the same time, the home’s structure stays safe.

This is often used as the basis for whole-home remodeling projects. That way you get the home of your dreams, with the décor, building materials, cabinets and other items you want. Many demolition contracting companies also offer remodeling services, such as turning a separate kitchen and dining room into an open concept style.

Building Demolition

Do you have an old shed that is bothering you? Is your garage separate from the home and you want a connected garage? Expert demo contractors know how to level individual buildings without damaging nearby structures.

Complete Cleanup

An important benefit of hiring demolition contractors is that they take care of debris removal afterwards. You don’t have to hurt yourself or take any risks. That’s a great deal for many homeowners.