What To Ask a Kitchen Remodel Demolition Company

Although it looks easy, demolition can get quite complicated if not done correctly. Some remodeling companies use a separate demolition company, while others do not. There are a few things that you should ask about before the company you hire begins your kitchen remodel demolition.

Do You Know How Long It Will Take?
If you are hiring your own demolition company, you will need to know approximately how long the demolition will take. This way, you can schedule your remodeling crew. If you are not, you will need to know when the remodeling company will begin the actual remodel. You also should know how long you have to change things like color or materials if the demolition uncovers something unexpected.

What Do You Seal the Kitchen With?
Some companies will not seal off the kitchen at all. If you ask them what they intend to use and they say nothing, stay far away from them. You want the kitchen sealed because of the dust and debris that gets thrown about by the demolition. Ultimately, you want your kitchen remodel demolition company to seal off entrances to the kitchen and cover anything that is not being demolished with plastic.

Do You Know What To Shut Off?
Shutting off vital systems such as water, electricity and gas to the room is also extremely important. For example, if the gas is not shut off properly, a single spark can ignite the gas. Turning off the electricity is vital to keep both workmen and the wiring safe from shorts or shocks.

What Is Your Plan for Demolition?
The company you hire should have a clear plan for demolishing your kitchen. They should mark the areas that need to stay in place and remain undamaged and have a step-by-step approach for exactly where they will begin and what they will do with the debris generated by the demolition.

Demolition of anything in your home can be a frightening prospect. By asking these questions, you can be sure to choose the correct kitchen remodel demolition company that is right for your project.