Kitchen Demolition: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try This at Home

Your dream kitchen is around the corner, so close you can almost taste it. Sleek appliances, gorgeous new countertops and stylish cabinets wait to be installed. Only one thing stands in the way of your new kitchen: your old kitchen.

But don’t be too hasty with that sledgehammer. You are not just getting rid of the old, you are preparing for the new. Kitchen demolition should be handled as carefully as kitchen installation. Here are three reasons to hire someone else to complete the demolition phase.


Most homeowners avoid working on gas, electrical and plumbing systems; one wrong move can cause extensive damage to your home or yourself. Kitchens may have all three systems, often in close proximity. Professionals know how to handle these dangers.

Even with the water and electricity turned off, you may not have the strength or equipment to safely move bulky, heavy upper cabinets. Removing a wall increases your risks; do it incorrectly and you may compromise the structural integrity of your house.


It takes time to acquire the proper tools and learn how to do kitchen demolition right. You may spend every spare hour for weeks trying to finish the project. Mistakes can derail the timeline for the entire remodel. Pros can do the job efficiently and quickly. That will leave you with plenty of free time and keep your new kitchen on track.


Living without your kitchen is tough, especially if you need to keep children and pets from wandering into the debris-filled area. Splintered wood, broken tiles, nails, grimy walls and old flooring can wreak havoc on your daily routines. The dust kicked up by the work seems to go everywhere. And what are you going to do with your old kitchen appliances?

Getting rid of the waste is a hassle and can become expensive. When you hire kitchen demolition professionals, they take care of it all for you. In just a weekend, the pros give you a clean, blank slate. The space will be as ready for your new kitchen as you are.