Get the Facts on Electronics Recycling

Over the years, you collected several electronics and appliances. You want to clear the clutter, but desire to do so sustainably. Rather than toss your old phone or computer in the trash, consider electronic recycling. Learn more about the benefits of recycling electronic equipment rather than sending it to a landfill.


When you recycle an old phone, computer or tablet, it may be refurbished. That means a refurbishing company wipes the data from your device before it’s adjusted or repaired for someone else to use. Rather than your old laptop sitting unused in a trash heap taking up space, it may go to a new home to someone in need.

Data Disposal

Of course, you do not want a stranger accessing images, financial information or personal details on your old devices. When researching electronic recycling providers in your area, be sure they safety and thoroughly wipe all existing data from equipment. You may feel more comfortable clearing the data yourself and resetting the device to factory settings before dropping it off at a recycling center, to be on the safe side.

Dangerous Contaminants

Many electronics contain mercury and other harmful contaminants. Something else to look into when researching recycling companies is whether they safely dispose of dangerous waste inside electronics before recycling them. Without proper disposal methods, substances may harm the local environment, especially the water supply.


If you would rather not recycle your old electronics, consider donating them to a local charity or nonprofit organization. While you may lack the means to make a financial donation to your favorite organization, donating your electronics may present the next best option. The charity or nonprofit may either sell your item or use it. Another advantage of donating instead of opting for electronic recycling is that your contribution may qualify as a tax write-off.

Do your part to protect the environment and create job opportunities. Look into recycling unused and unwanted electronics in your home.