Electronic devices are an ever-present part of our lives now, from the computers we use at home and work to the phones that are never out of arm’s reach. When your devices break it’s an easy mistake to think you can simply toss them in the trash and go on with your day, but it’s actually important to practice safe recycling with your electronic devices.

Old Electronics Are an Environmental Hazard

While trash and landfills provide a general hazard in their own right, these problems are compounded when e-waste is added to the mix. Many components in modern technology have toxic effects on the environment and can seep harmful chemicals into the groundwater without proper electronics recycling.

Your Personal Data Needs to Be Protected

Just because you clicked delete on a file, or your device no longer boots up, that doesn’t mean the data on your devices is actually gone. When you turn your devices over for professional recycling you can rely on the e-waste pros to safely and completely erase your personal information so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Salvageable Devices Can Help Those in Need

While electronics have never been more important to our lives, not everyone has the same access to them. Some broken devices may still have salvageable parts that can be reused in refurbishing projects which often benefit those in need who can not afford new devices.

The Law May Require Electronics Recycling

Because of the hazards that improperly disposed of electronics pose for the environment, many locales have strict regulations on how you can dispose of them. If you violate these rules, you and your family may be subject to fines or other penalties.

If you have old electronics you no longer need, get in touch with an e-waste recycling professional today. They can take your electronics and make sure that they are safely disposed of.