What to Expect From Commercial Demolition Services


Commercial buildings are designed to last a very long time. There are many times, though, that a building will require partial or complete commercial demolition services. A building may no longer be safe or useful and need total demolition. Other times, a partial demolition, where just a part of a building is stripped out is called for. This happens often when new tenants are taking over a commercial space and require a redesign to suit their business needs.


Prior to any demolition project, the building to be demolished will be carefully examined to determine the best way to bring it down with minimal impact to neighboring structures. Commercial buildings are often surrounded by other buildings that must be protected. Gone are the days of the wrecking ball. Commercial demolition services are now much more precise. Machinery, equipment and tools used to accomplish a demolition are sophisticated and offer a great deal of precision.


Partial demolitions can often require more precision than a complete demolition. The building must be studied to evaluate structural integrity and formulate a demolition plan that does not compromise that integrity.


During and after the demolition, considerable safety measures are taken. Buildings will often be constructed of potentially hazardous materials, such as asbestos, that must be handled and disposed of in very specific ways.


Other building materials, such as steel, timber and brick that are products of a demolition are often salvageable. These materials can be repurposed, recycled or sold. This is an environmentally conscious part of the demolition process which may also reduce project costs.


While the process of demolition is messy, the site should always be clean at the end of the job. Commercial demolition services provide complete debris removal from any partial or complete demolition. Debris removal includes not only the materials that were not salvageable or recyclable, but also old equipment and furniture disposal.