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VHF Radios are Crucial to Boating


The VHF radio is one of the most important accessories that you can have on your boat. It is how you communicate with other boat operators, lock operators, harbormasters or even the Coast Guard. Without a radio, you don’t have one of the most reliable forms of protection. Forget cell phones. On the water, you need a radio with a marine radio antenna.


Rescue System

The main reason you need a VHF Marine Radio is in case you run into trouble in the water. The Coast Guard uses VHF radio, which means that you have a direct link if something goes wrong. Accidents can and do happen. Without preparation and without safety measures in place, being alone on the water is dangerous in an emergency.


Unique Features

In addition to being a form of communication in case of an emergency, there are many unique features with the marine radio. Technology is always advancing and so are the features. Some VHF radios have a voice recorder, where others may have AIS integration so that you can avoid collisions.


Weather Monitoring

Knowing what the weather has in store is important when you’re on a boat. A marine radio antenna can usually pick up NOAA Weather Alert Monitoring. This allows you to access any hazards or emergency weather information. With this, you can avoid storms.


Bright Displays

Newer VHF radios have a large, clear display. This is a lot easier for you to be able to communicate with marinas or locks.  Equally, you can read the menus better, which results in an easier to use radio.


Safety on your boat should be your utmost priority. One way that you can guarantee that you’re safe and in constant contact with someone that could help in case of an emergency is with a VHF radio. No boat is complete without a marine radio antenna. The latest marine communication technology is important.