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Today’s Demolition Methods


The art of demolition is a careful and delicate process that done correctly can open the way for new building additions and developments. There is more to this activity than taking a hammer to a wall. Here are there of a few of the most popular methods for building deconstruction that allow for future construction prep of newer properties.


  • Wrecking Ball


This method is one of the most popular and cost-effective techniques. It involves suspending a large concrete ball from a crane and swung by a crane operator. There are many factors to consider before undertaking this method like its distance from other structures or powerlines. Contractors must also consider where the debris may fall or fly to upon demolition. The weight of the wrecking ball must also be considered so as to not roll a crane over.


  • Explosive Deconstruction


Explosive deconstruction involves placing strategic charges around a building that are activated remotely. The building is then destroyed all at once within seconds. This method is frequently used for large buildings in areas that are too densely populated for the use of a wrecking ball. A successful explosion will make a structure collapse on itself and prevent damage to other close buildings. However, this method involves intense surveying of a building and explosive experts for a safe deconstruction. Charges may also be expensive. Explosive deconstruction should be conducted by those with years of experience and a certified demolition experts.


  • Selective Deconstruction


Selective Demolition is meant for those who aim to only remove parts of structures and those who hope to reconstruct that same area. In essence, not all of the building is destroyed and therefore the integrity of the structure must be maintained. This is one of the more delicate methods due the planning and surveying efforts that must be conducted.

Each of these demolition methods must be done with care and professionalism. Contact a reliable deconstruction company to conduct this difficult process.