When you upgrade the electronics in your home, what do you do with the old ones? Many people will throw them in the garbage, not realizing the potential hazards they can cause. Electronic recycling may take a little bit more effort than just putting it in the bin, but it is well worth the trouble.

Why Recycle?
Recycling is good in general because the more you reuse or recycle, the more items you keep out of the landfill where they remain until they deteriorate. It is particularly important to avoid sending electronics to the landfill, though. This equipment often contains mercury and lead, two substances that are harmful when they leach into the ground at the dump. Disposing of them properly helps keep the environment safer. Electronics also contain valuable materials such as copper that can be reused in other products. Recycling keeps these elements from going to waste.

What Can You Recycle?
Almost every electronic device you own can be recycled:

  • Televisions
  • DVD players
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops/tablets

You don’t have to dismantle the items yourself. The key, of course, is finding a place that does electronic recycling.

How Do You Recycle?
There are two main ways you can get rid of unwanted devices. You can give them away, either to a charity or a friend, to be used by someone else. This is a good option when the device still works well and you are just wanting an upgrade. Once your electronic equipment has outlived its usefulness, however, finding a place that recycles electronics is necessary. If you have hired someone to demo part of your home, recycling your electronics is probably part of that service. They can make sure that your old devices get to the correct local recycling professionals and stay out of the landfill.

Electronic recycling is good for the planet. When you have old devices you no longer need, make sure you dispose of them safely.