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The Truth About Green Demolition


With a focus on environmental friendliness, many industries have been looking for ways to help make their companies greener. This extends to the construction industry and into construction demolition. How a business disposes of waste at the end and during a construction project is important to track. The goal should be to recycle and reuse…

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The Process of Recycling Electronics


The reliance on technology and digital media shows no obvious signs of slowing down, so it should be no surprise that the electronics industry continues to be in high demand. However, when new technology or upgraded devices debut, or old ones simply break down, what happens to them? Unlike other types of waste, electronics cannot…

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3 Reasons to Recycle Old Electronics

While you’ve probably found yourself in many situations where you had to dispose of old technology, you may not have considered recycling as an alternative to throwing it away. Electronic recycling has several advantages over disposing of old tech in the garbage, and there are many reasons it can be worth your time. 1. Cut…

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Construction

Whether the home is a new purchase, up for rent or the home you’ve live in for decades, remodeling can make the home more inviting. Regardless of job size, construction cannot commence until the space is prepped. Construction prep ensures the project goes off without a hitch and nothing is damaged that’s not supposed to…

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Tips To Choose the Right Demolition Team for Your Commercial Project

Whether you are in a new space or remodeling an old space, a professional demolition team can make the process smoother and more efficient. Creating something new from something old leaves requires removing debris. A commercial demolition team handles the teardown process. Think about more than price when choosing a demolition company. Insurance and Bonding…

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Demolition Safety Precautions


Demolition is much more than knocking a wall down with a sledge hammer.  From minor demolition, such as taking out a wall or doorway, to leveling an entire structure, it takes a lot of skill and experience to safely complete a residential or commercial demolition project.  Here are a few safety precautions you should keep…

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Signs That Your Home has A Septic PRoblem


As with other systems in the home, it can be easy to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to maintaining a septic tank. However, putting off routine system care, such as regular inspections and pumping, can easily lead to costly repairs. Worse, septic problems can pose serious health and environmental risks if not remedied quickly. Here…

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VHF Radios are Crucial to Boating


The VHF radio is one of the most important accessories that you can have on your boat. It is how you communicate with other boat operators, lock operators, harbormasters or even the Coast Guard. Without a radio, you don’t have one of the most reliable forms of protection. Forget cell phones. On the water, you…

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Starting Your Home Improvement Projects


Whether you are conducting an interior remodel to create more space, or you are looking to remove unsightly and unsafe structures outside, a home improvement project usually requires some demolition. Although it may seem like excellent stress relief to swing a sledge hammer and tear down old structures, it is best to contract a professional…

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Today’s Demolition Methods


The art of demolition is a careful and delicate process that done correctly can open the way for new building additions and developments. There is more to this activity than taking a hammer to a wall. Here are there of a few of the most popular methods for building deconstruction that allow for future construction…

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