Old cabinets can date a kitchen, and are often the inspiration for a kitchen remodel. During a kitchen demolition, usually old cabinets will be torn out to make way for new and more modern cabinets, yet there is nothing wrong with the old cabinets other than their age. Rather than toss your old cabinets in a landfill, here are some ideas for repurposing them.

Your Garage

You can always use more storage in your garage. Garages tend to be some of the messiest areas in a home. Moving your cabinets there will make space for all those small items, such as tools, car fluids, lawn tools, summer toys and more that always seem to be misplaced. The cabinets will not only organize your garage, but they will make it more visually appealing as they hide your clutter.

Your Mudroom or Laundry Room

You always need more organization in your mudroom or laundry room. Maybe they’re one and the same. Installing the cabinets lower can allow for a place to put shoes. Hanging them over a washer and dryer provides a space to store all your detergents and cleaning accessories.

Multiple Rooms

Your kitchen cabinets don’t have to remain together. During your kitchen demolition, your cabinets can be divided to provide new storage options for multiple spaces in your home. As you place them, consider updating their hardware. You can customize the hardware according to the location in which they are going. If some are going into your garage, you can even install cam locks on the doors to keep chemicals out of reach of pets and children.

Talk to your contractor to express your desire for saving the old cabinets. That way, the demolition crew will take more care when breaking them down and can even install them in their new location for you.

Getting a new kitchen is exciting. Getting new storage out of your kitchen demolition for areas you hadn’t previously considered makes it all the more rewarding.