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Consider an Act of Charity When Pulling Cabinets

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If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, chances are good you’re going all in and treating yourself to a cabinetry upgrade. Why not? It’s going to require tearing apart everything else to do them later, so the only way an upgrade makes sense at all is if you do it all at once. It only makes sense too, since leaving old cabinetry will keep the space looking much the same even if you upgrade countertops and other features. What will you do with the old cabinets after your kitchen demo, though? Have you given it any thought?

Cabinet Donations

There are a lot of places you can actually gift those old cabinets. Sometimes, they’re resold at auction to people who need upgrades without the investment brand new ones bring. Other times, they’re used in projects around town that provide for people in the community. There are even concerns that recycle and repurpose the source wood to prevent waste. If you want to find someplace to take your old cabinets, follow these steps:

  • Consult with Habitat for Humanity in your area about their donation policies and need for cabinets for projects
  • Talk to thrift stores to see if any take donations of home improvement and renovation items like cabinets
  • Never forget you can reach out directly through organizations like churches to re-home those donations to people who need them in your area
  • Consider talking to your demo professionals about any donation options they are familiar with

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Kitchen Demo

If you’re weighing the question of whether you should pull those cabinets yourself or call a contractor, consider the goals you have. Professionals will be more capable of extracting the old cabinets gently so they can be reused, because they’ve got the practice to do it consistently and without a lot of extra project time figured in. They’re also capable of finishing the job in a fraction of the time most DIY die-hards manage, and without any of the stress of cleanup.