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Bathroom Demolition Checklist


When you are starting the process of a major remodel of your bathroom, the first step is the bathroom demo. Removing everything you want to keep safe and taking out fixtures correctly can help keep the work area safe and prevent water damage. Here is the checklist demo professionals will likely use after all your personal items have been removed.

1. Remove Mirror
If your mirror is framed, removing it from the wall is just a matter of taking the frame off the mounts. A more likely scenario is that it is frameless. In that case, technicians tape the corners and detach it from the wall carefully.

2. Remove Vanity
Even if you are changing your vanity during the renovation, it must be removed as part of the bathroom demo. Before any cabinetry or fixtures are removed, technicians must turn the water off at the wall, disconnect the lines and drain any water in the lines so that it doesn’t spill onto the floor. Then they can remove the counter and detach the cabinets from the wall.

3. Remove Fixtures
As with the vanity, the water must be turned off and disconnected before the toilet, tub and shower are removed. Then technicians will loosen the fixtures from the floor, using a razor blade or putty knife to scrape off the wax seal in the toilet or the caulk around the tub. A saw may be used to cut around the tile from the shower.

4. Remove Flooring
The last step is taking away the existing flooring. Professionals have the expertise and tools to determine the best way to remove the flooring in your bathroom.

Once the bathroom demo is complete, your renovation team can start rebuilding. A thorough demolition gives them a clean slate to start with so they can turn your bathroom into the room you want it to be.