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4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Construction

Whether the home is a new purchase, up for rent or the home you’ve live in for decades, remodeling can make the home more inviting. Regardless of job size, construction cannot commence until the space is prepped. Construction prep ensures the project goes off without a hitch and nothing is damaged that’s not supposed to be.


Normal home cleaning sounds counterintuitive when you are having contractors come, but it is the first step in preparing your home for construction. Vacuum carpets, wipe down any furniture and clean anything that you plan to store. The stored or covered items are ready for display once construction is over.


Before the construction crew arrives, store away any loose items. Store away as many items as possible. If only one or two rooms is being worked on, boxes and items can be stored in available spaces. Or consider hiring a storage container for the construction period to keep items out of the workspace.


Any furniture or other heavy objects left in the space should be covered with either coverings or drop cloth. Covering items keeps dust, paint or other debris from marring the items. If the floor is not being replaced, cover the floor wall to wall to prevent unwanted damage.


Save time by hiring a professional cleaning service. They can come in and handle a deep clean of the house before and after construction is complete. Before construction, they can cover items, prep the flooring and store away items. When construction is finished, sometimes it’s nice to have one final clean performed if the construction company doesn’t handle that.

Remodeling your home can be an exciting adventure for any homeowner. These tips can keep the construction project going as smooth as possible. When construction finishes, you can move any stored items back into the space. A professional cleaned space makes the home that much more inviting for only a few added hours.