Construction sites are notorious for being messy, dirty and cluttered. After each craftsman completes a job, construction cleanup must happen before the next craftsman starts their work. Here are some tips to clean up in a way that complies with the law and creates a space for the next person to work efficiently and effectively.

Window Glass

New windows often come with stickers that are difficult to remove completely. The same is true for many new appliances. Fabric softener over the stickers helps loosen it up. This makes wiping up and cleaning the glass much less time-consuming. The process may need repeating for stuck-on labels.

Dumpster Rental

A necessary part of construction cleanup is renting a dumpster. Having a dumpster on hand makes cleanup faster and convenient. Simply toss in drywall, lumber, nails and shingles. Not all materials can be placed into the dumpster, so you will want to check local disposal laws prior to dumping.

Cleaning Phases

Plan to clean up the site in phases. This makes the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved. Carpenters leave behind trash, lumber scraps and unused nails. Cleaning up after them is phase one. Phase two is after either the electricians are finished or the walls are completed depending on the status of the site. The last phase involves prepping the home for move-in and includes vacuuming the carpet, wiping down all surfaces, polishing faucets and mopping tile.

Non-Dumpster Materials

Some materials cannot be disposed of in the dumpster you rented. Aerosol containers, paint cans and chemical containers must be separated out from other debris. These items must follow local disposal laws. Separating these out during the cleanup process ensures they are not accidentally disposed of improperly.

Construction cleanup is an essential component of any job site. Learning how to clean up the area correctly can help the company comply with disposal laws and keep the project on target for completion. These are but a few tips to help your company with the cleanup.