Have you ever wondered what happens to all the junk left over after a home is constructed? There could be pieces of lumber, bits of insulation, slabs or sheetrock, and even snipped sections of tubing – all laying about on the ground in disarray. Contractors often employ a post construction cleanup crew to remove all the new home bits and pieces, as do commercial demolition teams, and even some roofing firms. Here are a few things you may not know about post construction cleanup and how the crews work.

Home Construction

Once the house is framed and the electricians have wired the property, the initial site cleanup begins. Trash is gathered from the ground, debris is swept from the house and garage, and the first deep clean is completed. The deep clean includes removing all sawdust, small pieces of wire, and broken pieces of glass on the property. A cleanup crew can clean the area three times during the building’s construction.

Building Demolition

There is more to a building’s demolition than tying a rope around a post and pulling the building down. Knowing how the building will settle, keeping the neighbor’s safe, and preventing worker injuries is all part of a post construction cleanup crews’ day. Once the building is down, the crew begins to remove all the junk that settled into a massive pile. This may take days or weeks, depending on the size of the building.

Remodeling Renovation

The drywall, wiring, and lumber that is torn from a home during a remodeling project can be taken away by a demolition team. They are trained to know how to remove the items and where they can be discarded.

If you have a remodeling or renovation project coming up or a building to be demolished so a new one can be built, contact a post construction cleanup crew to help you remove the items you no longer need. Instead of worrying about how to remove the junk, you can focus on the type of flooring you are going to install.