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10 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About New Cabinet Installation


If you have never renovated a kitchen, you need to approach your first project as a beginner, even if you’re experienced with other complicated renovations. That holds just as true if you are hiring a professional as if you take the risk and try a kitchen remodel DIY. Even many professionals defer to kitchen experts when the time comes, and cabinets are a big part of the reason why.

Unique Renovation Needs

When you renovate a kitchen, usually it involves new cabinets. That means adding several steps:

  • A professional kitchen demo to get the old counters and cabinets out
  • Disposal of the old cabinet hardware, preferably in a way that recoups some expenses or provides a tax incentive
  • Fine carpentry work to fit the new cabinets to the space and install interior shelving
  • Changes to plumbing or temporary disconnection of the same during construction

If you work with experts, then your general contractor can either handle the demo or outsource it. If you’re trying to do something like this alone, removing the cabinets can be a project unto itself. Those four things alone make for a big challenge. There are another set of facts you need as you plan your renovation, though.

6 Ways Kitchen Renovation Improves Property Value

When you’re upgrading and you consider the cost of a contractor, remember what that means in terms of your ability to build value with your improvements.

  1. Better aesthetics and a made-to-fit look when you hire professionals
  2. Improved use of space adds functional value to the extra curb appeal
  3. Today’s materials give updated kitchens a longer functional life expectancy
  4. New kitchen counters help food safety for home cooks
  5. Kitchen demo by professionals prevents collateral damage
  6. Upgrading features to higher quality building materials and better improves the value even more than the average

Between the extra needs of kitchen renovations and the extra benefits of trusting a professional when you look at the bottom line for your investment, it’s easy to see why your next kitchen demolition and rebuild needs help from a professional team.