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4 Tips to Improve Construction Jobsite Cleanup

Construction sites are notorious for being messy, dirty and cluttered. After each craftsman completes a job, construction cleanup must happen before the next craftsman starts their work. Here are some tips to clean up in a way that complies with the law and creates a space for the next person to work efficiently and effectively.…

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The Guide to Cleaning Your Construction Site

The construction industry is messy. Any construction site can wind up with an intimidating mess to clean up afterward. If you want to make sure that your site is clean and tidy afterwards, it helps to have a checklist. Checklists can be great for workers, homeowners and even the construction site handling the construction cleanup.…

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The Importance of Recycling Electronics

When you upgrade the electronics in your home, what do you do with the old ones? Many people will throw them in the garbage, not realizing the potential hazards they can cause. Electronic recycling may take a little bit more effort than just putting it in the bin, but it is well worth the trouble.…

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How to Plan Out a Home Demolition

Many times to build a new house, an old one needs to be taken down first. A home demolition sounds like an exciting project to undertake, but there are several nuances to this job, too. Homeowners and the contractors should take care to ensure due diligence is taken to guarantee the project is lawful. First,…

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Demolition Day Considerations

Some defects in and around your home can be fixed, and some require demolition. This may entail demolishing an old home entirely, taking out an interior wall or removing a timeworn sidewalk. An entire home removal may only take a day or two and may very well be the fastest phase of construction. If large…

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Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Electronics

The growing use of electronics continues to rise as more and more businesses, schools and individuals get connected. Even appliances in the home use smart features to connect to other devices consumers use. Unfortunately, all those electronics cause environmental damage whether from mining the materials or disposing of them carelessly in landfills. Electronic recycling has…

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Bathroom Demolition Checklist


When you are starting the process of a major remodel of your bathroom, the first step is the bathroom demo. Removing everything you want to keep safe and taking out fixtures correctly can help keep the work area safe and prevent water damage. Here is the checklist demo professionals will likely use after all your…

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Consider an Act of Charity When Pulling Cabinets

home repair

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, chances are good you’re going all in and treating yourself to a cabinetry upgrade. Why not? It’s going to require tearing apart everything else to do them later, so the only way an upgrade makes sense at all is if you do it all at once. It only makes…

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